Be Adventurous

I am Amanda Leazer.
Im 20 and a senior at NC State.
I want to be a Foreign Services Officer
I love all things International
I would like to have a peaceful nation someday.
I have a Chinese boyfriend.
His name is Jinwei Pan and he is my heart and soul.
•Fashion •Modeling
•Movies •Music
•Traveling •Guys
•Friends •Asia/Asian things
•KITTENS •Laughter
•Colorful/Shiny/Cute things
• Whiny people •Judgers •Racists
•Drama •Cheating
•Abuse •Lying
•Being two-faced
Feel free to ask questions, follow, etc. <3

Ask something?

My tumblr dashboard currently consists of two things….

1.Kaitlyn O’Brien.

and 2. Alejandro Carreras.

And i must say, they post some mighty…..interesting things. lol.

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    if by interesting you actually mean incredibly sophisticated and thought-provoking, then yes.